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8 lbs of destruction

by on October 6, 2013

Wilton-8-lb.-BASH-Sledge-HammerHere at the lab we are huge fans of hammers! Their fulcrum power just leave devastating results! The grip on this BASH is amazing. Let us introduce the Wilton 8 lb. BASH Sledge Hammer. The strike head is versatile and balanced. When we want the job done right. We pick up our BASH!

We don’t think a gorilla could break this hammer. It’s as easy to swing as gravity can allow. It’s also easy to find in a cluttered garage on account of the distinctive green head.

At this point, we have swung it more for exercise than anything else, but when we used it as intended we had no complaints. If you don’t use it for basing stuff you can at least use it for crossfit, or zombie heads. Which ever fits your fancy.

$71.26Buy your new 8lbs of destruction