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I am simply the best grab and go Z-bag on the planet!

by on August 21, 2012

Over the past few months, our lab minions have been testing some backpacks for Z-day. A couple days ago, one of our subscribers actually recommended one we’ve been testing, and our personal favorite! Austin writes:

I love Maxpedition Gearslinger backpacks! I’ve been using the Malaga Gearslinger for a couple of years, for an everyday carry-to-work bag or for hiking trips, and anything in between. The Malaga is one of the smallest Gearslingers, but Maxpedition also makes standard backpacks, some down right huge Gearslingers, like the Monsoon, as well as smaller hip bags. Several are ambidextrous, or there is a southpaw version. Now, the whole point of the Gearslinger is to be able to wear it on your the back but still be able to get to it easily; the pack easily loops around to the front for crazy-easy access to all your possible doom gear. Plus a good chunk of Maxpedition stuff comes MOLLE webbed to allow the addition of more doom gear, and many even have room for a water bladder (ex. Camel back).

All and all our lab guys concur with Austins write up! This really is the perfect Z-bag that’s compact but yet, meaty enough for your Z-day needs!