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You can change direction of this train with just your mind

by on October 12, 2013

You can change the direction just by thinking about it

Our mind shapes our reality not the other way around. We only “know” information because we interpret data in a certain way. It’s crazy what our minds come up with. This is like a metaphor on how to view life. We can change our perceptions of the world around us if we concentrate hard enough and align our perception mechanisms to our inner will.

Fun trick you can do with .gifs!

Copy, paste to paint. Repeat ctrl+v. you now have frame by frame access to the gif. In this one it is clear that the same image is repeated 3 times, 1st time a little on the left, second in the middle, third on the right. This is done 3 times for the same frame, then onto the next. We counted at least 6 different frames, so ~36 frames per second. Technically speaking there’s just sluggish movements repeating over and over again.