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The Best Ear Protection Money Can Buy!

by on April 11, 2012

So a recent twitter follower asked us what she should get for her husband for his birthday. She told us that, “He has tons of guns and is, zombie ready! But… /sigh I am not sure what I should get him :( Have any ideas?” We sure do! The Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs are in our view the best “bang” for the buck! They really do a fantastic job on picking up subtle noises when you turn the volume up on them. Another feature we love is that you can plugin your iPod into it! So while your taking out targets or ZOMBIES you are in the zone with your favorite music. Lastly, the slim profile of these are one of the key features this headset provides. Ever had your head up to a rifle and the big wonky headphones you are wearing get in the way? No longer! All of our minions on our compound are outfitted with a pair of these earmuffs.