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Sky Net is here… or not? You decide

by on October 23, 2013

sky net is coming giz gad Sky Net is here... or not? You decide

Here at the lab we are huge fans of Quad’s! We thought we would share what is pretty clear to us how Sky Net is approaching closer every day. The good news is that our lab minions have confirmed that a simple controlled EMP bomb will destroy any sort of real Sky Net from happening.

Have you been interested into getting your own quad? Well now you can finally afford one for cheap! Check it out in our Giz Store.

SYMA X1 UFO 4 channel GIZ GAD Sky Net is here... or not? You decide

This quad is indestructible! We have flow it at max speed into a concrete wall and it gets back up like nothing happened. The blades have hit tree’s, brick walls, human flesh and they have zero nicks! For the money how can you say no?

  • megalazorspew

    I am going to say Skynet is here… I just bought one of those quads you recommended.