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The Kill Zombie Electronics Power Strip!

by on June 26, 2012

You want this outlet! Trust us! So how does it work you ask? Simple! The green-colored Master Outlet features detection technology that senses the power state of your device for maximum compatibility with a range of products. The Smart Zombie Strip lets you control up to six different devices with your TV’s on/off power. It automatically shuts down Master-Controlled Outlets when the master device (e.g. your epic TV) is turned off, and then automatically powers up Master-Controlled Outlets when master device is turned on. This helps reduce wasted power to cut down on overall energy consumption in your home.

The Smart Zombie Strip automatically turns off DVD players, VCRs, game consoles, receivers, subwoofers, when you turn your TV off, and it protects sensitive electronics from power spikes or surges with 1000 joules of surge protection! Finally, if you already noticed there are two free slots for something that you still need to have power 24/7. More or less your DVR or a light next to your evil entertainment center. There is nothing more evil than turning on your TV and seeing all your electronics come online with it!