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How to Learn Using Scientifically Supported Methods

by on October 18, 2013

the-best-way-to-learnHere at the lab we are always debating whats the best way to learn something new. After exhaustive researching here at the lab we have quickly come up with the best ways to learn new topics of interest.

Best: Distributed Practice, Flashcards, and Mnemonic Devices: Proof

Worst: Rereading, Highlighting and Cramming: Proof

Tools of the Trade

Great Flash Card System

Flash Card System with Mnemonic Devices

Our final thoughts at our lab is simply teaching, by a long shot, the best way to learn.


Get into study groups, and at least attempt to answer your peer’s questions. There is simply not a better approach to learning.

People tend to ask questions that you wouldn’t have considered. It forces you to actually understand content, rather than strictly memorize and regurgitate. It forces you to push outside of the immediate content, and to struggle to put something into consumable words – which, in the process, makes you think about what something really means. All the while, having it in your face over and over, and having to verbalize it over and over, forces you to end up memorizing it regardless.

What are some of your thoughts on what is the best way to learn?

  • Hmmm Memrise. I’ll bookmark it. Me personally, I did the cramming and your right. Cramming never works in terms of retention.