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Turn your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope!

by on October 21, 2013


This video shows to convert your smartphone into a digital microscope capable of photographing cells. The setup shown here is a viable substitute for underfunded classrooms that would otherwise be unable to perform experiments requiring a microscope. Our lab has confirmed that this works just as flawlessly as the video portrays!

Materials required:
3x 4 ½” x 5/16” carriage bolts
9x 5/16” nuts
3x 5/16” wing nuts
5x 5/16” washers
¾” x 7” x 7” plywood  — for the base
⅛” x 7” x 7” plexiglass  — for the camera stage
⅛” x 3” x 7” plexiglass  — for the specimen stage
Laser pointer focus lens – You can pick one up cheap on Amazon
LED click light (necessary only for viewing backlit specimens)

Assorted bits

You can follow the step by step guide on Instructables.

Trust us. You will have a blast building this and exploring the micro world around you!

  • megalazorspew

    So awesome! I’ll be building mine tomorrow!