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The War On Drugs

by on December 3, 2013

Giz-Gad-OverlordHere at the Giz Lab we use logic and reason to come to our conclusions on any given issue of the times. With that said our conclusion on the war of drugs? In a short sentence. It is destroying the world. So much so the BBC has a fantastic write up on Why the War on illegal drugs failing, medical researchers warn. The meat of the article?

Co-author Dr Evan Wood, scientific chairman of the centre, said: “We should look to implement policies that place community health and safety at the forefront of our efforts, and consider drug use a public health issue rather than a criminal justice issue.

With that in mind we thought we would share this video of a 20 years Retired Police Captain and his thoughts on the war on drugs.

Skip to 5:58 for the short hand version of the argument of this video below if you are pressed for time.

The Giz Lab wants to know your thoughts on the war on Drugs? Let’s hear your comments below.